The Piano Room


Those of you who followed the activities of the ladies while they were at Can Serrat may remember how Ness and Julie sat in a restaurant in El Bruc where, through lunch and through the afternoon, they looked at Julie’s Piano Room poems and discussed possible ways of linking them. Ness continued to work as Dramaturg with Julie and Steve when the ladies returned to the UK. An early version of The Piano Room was first shown at Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2009. Chloe Garner, Festival Director, said of the performance:

The audience were entranced, moved, provoked and inspired! A powerful performance and a rare and precious  opportunity to experience an exciting collaboration in progress’

 Following the success of the Ledbury version other adaptations were made and another version was performed and discussed at a colloquium at ‘Arts at the Barn’. The final version had its world premiere at Symphony Hall mainstage during Birmingham Artsfest 2010. Plans to tour The Piano Room to France, Italy and Scotland are currently underway. The postmistress has also heard whispers that it will be performed in Italy very soon.

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