Freelance, footloose and fancy free for lunch?

Freelance, footloose and fancy free for lunch?

Are you, like us, one of those solo creatives beavering away alone in their studio/study/kitchen all year?

How about joining us for a festive get together, a chance for female freelance creatives to have their own Christmas bash.

 Place: Pizza Express (Coventry Plaza)

Day: Friday 7th December 2012

Time: 12.30

Dress: Glitter obligatory

Hope to see you there,

The Ladies Salon

Julie Boden, Ness Oakes & Jo Roberts

The Postmistress is pleased to report that the Ladies had a fine old-time (glitter was worn, wine was spilt and new friends made) and were joined by: Sayan Kent, Anne Forgan, Anna Douglas, Claudette Bryanston, Gabrielle Byam-Grounds, Catherine Edwards, Helen Kelly, Jo Skelt and Mandy Ross. Those of you who have encountered the Ladies en masse will understand that I would personally like to thank the staff at Pizza Express for their endless patience and good humour on the day…

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