The Artist’s Studio: Day 2: A Clear Space to Write

The telephone is unplugged from the wall and tucked away inside the desk  drawer.

Anna, very kindly, connects the computer.

Julie brainstorms ideas. This process spotlights the need for a little spring cleaning of her mind – but amongst all the clutter she finds  many creative connections.

Salient ideas are given space to breathe

‘How to….’

‘How to…’

‘How to…’

and then the final list of things ‘To Do’

Action plans are typed.

Calendar is updated.

Emails relating to major projects are written.

Anna makes Julie a coffee, Mike pops in to say hello and Val checks she has everything she needs.  So much work has been done in so little time.  Moving from home to go out to work in an office is proving to be productive. The people in the building are lovely, the space is shut off and quiet – soon, Julie hopes, when all the admin and planning is sorted, writing this year’s new work will begin.

Soon Julie will be heading off to the ‘Piano Room’ to fine tune the final version of this piece with the composer Steve Tromans and with Ness (who is working as dramaturg on this project).  Soon she will be meeting with Michael Lyons to plan their journey, through sculpture and through poetry, to the stars.  Before the concert at Symphony Hall later this year she must write her own work in response to the love story of Tristan and Isolde.

The ladies noted that during an Open Salon conversation at Compton Verney Julie had said how selfish you can feel, even when you work full time as a writer, to take  that time out in order to write. The ladies and their guest at that time were quick to remind her that this is not selfishness but determination, passion and resolve.  Why do so many writers and other artists apologise or feel guilty when distancing themselves in order to create?

Answers in the comments box please!

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