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October 20, 2009

The Ladies Salon are always happy to receive your feedback – recent comments include the following:

Hello Ladies What an interesting presentation you all gave today about the time you spent together at Can Serrat. Thank you! I thought the workshops you gave to one another would be a very useful way of challenging and reflecting on my own practice and something I would consider for the future. Looking, listening, writing and speaking, although very obvious past-times for us all as artists, they seem to me, to have challenged you all during the workshops and I admired your honesty in giving us your feed-back. I guess there is a way of listening, and we all do it very differently, there is a way of looking, which we all do very differently, and a way of speaking. Then there’s the writing; ah, the writing… and whether we truly express what we want to say. Taking the idea of a previous visitor to the Salon, i.e. reclaiming adjectives etc… I propose that we re-claim ways of listening, speaking, looking, and writing. But mostly I hope that the Ladies Salon will encourage and promote the creative ‘thinking’ we need, to bring meaning and clarity to our work. With thanks and congratulations to you all. Chris Hoskins

Enjoyed inspirational tete a tete at Ladies Salon lunch, gathering valuable insights into working methods and collaborations of the Ladies.  Time was of the essence and a future engagement, perhaps to include an introduction to the various projects in progress, generated from the sojourn in Spain would be very welcome.  I also feel that a salon day workshop for a wider group of artists, employing some of the successful strategies of Can Serrat Residency or ‘how to go about arranging a residency for yourself’ would be much appreciated.   Rachel White

If you have any comments about the Postmistress’s Blog and/or ideas for future Ladies Salon events do get in touch.

Ask the Salon: ICE

October 15, 2009

Ladies 'Ask the Salon' event at ICE

The Ladies were joined by Natasha Godfrey, Juliet Amery, Chris Hoskins, Rachel White, Jo Roberts and Jenna Hubbard at the  Institute of Creative Enterprise to view the Ladies’ Salon adventures on screen and to discuss and exchange ideas.

Jo, Ness and Julie discussed their experience of the Ladies Salon in an open and honest way that engendered much thoughful questioning from and conversation with the audience.  The ladies who joined them were keen to discuss  support structures for mid career and established artists , the rewards and challenges of working in collaboration across art forms and the ways in which the Salon had impacted on the lives and the work of the three artists involved.

Where would the Ladies Salon go from here?  Would there be value in other artists setting up their own Salons? Some of the Ladies commented that they could have stayed to  talk these issues through all afternoon but sadly the hour went by very quickly and afternoon appointments called the Ladies of the Salon and their visitiors away.

Today was also the day Jo Roberts (visual artist) met Jo Roberts (poet):

Jo Roberts:           Oh, so, you’re Jo Roberts.

Jo Roberts:           And you must be Jo Roberts.

After hearing so much about one another within the arts world of the West Mids it was good to see them as they came together to talk.

The postmistress has noticed that 3,108 visitors have visited the Ladies at this site and hopes that more of you will leave your calling cards in the comment boxes in future. The Ladies are happy to converse with you on line.

Open Salon at Compton Verney – Day 2

October 11, 2009


Today the Ladies met lots of visitors to the gallery (including the lost ones who needed re-directing) and were joined in the art of conversation by; Vanessa, Jackie, Moira, Clare, Ellie, Sue, Martin, Cathy and Mark. Topics of conversation included; the need for women to reclaim adjectives, body adornment, the resurgence of poetry in the public consciousness, artist groups, 17th C Salons, the influence of landscape, artists and empty shops, words and art, dialogue, listening and eavesdropping. 


Visitors to the Salon received an individually pressed embossed card (made on the press at Can Serrat) with details for this blog.  


Ellie visited the Salon (with her BIG DRAW day sketch book) and captured Jo in her Vivienne Westwood skirt.


As the Salon visitors wended their way home to; Chipping Camden, Compton Verney, Leicester, Chipping Norton and Coventry the Ladies waved goodbye to their splendid weekend retreat.

Open Salon at Compton Verney – Day 1

October 10, 2009


The Ladies approach their weekend residence.


John Frankland’s ‘Untitled Boulder’ 2001 (Portland Stone) comes into sight.


The Ladies prepare to meet their public.


The Ladies Withdrawing Room awaits its first guests.


Surrounded by faux books written by women authors including; ‘Conversations on Chemistry’ by Jane Marcet, ‘Lyric Poems’ by Sappho, ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley, ‘The Duchess of Newcastle’ by Margaret Cavendish and ‘Poems on Several Occassions’ by Mary Chudleigh.


Not faux but definitely fabulous – ‘Es Cuba’ by our friend and fellow Can Serrat Writer in Residence Lea Aschkenas takes pride of place on the mantlepiece.


A few good friends drop by to wish The Ladies well at the start of the first day. Visitors to the Open Salon on Day 1 include; Gabrielle, Matt, Sarah, Sue, Sally, Nicky, Alison, Janet and Elizabeth (travelling from Dorset, Stratford, Lancaster, Nuneaton, Birmingham, Dunnington, Warwick and Coventry). Conversations covered many topics including; collaboration, inspiration, definitions, practice, creativity, England vs Ukraine, career choice, Compton Verney, The Artist’s Studio, Peter Greenaway, apathy, Lancaster and The Midland Hotel (Morecambe).

2 Days to go!

October 8, 2009

CV light box 1

Compton Verney foyer area.

What’s that say? Blue notice, bottom row…

 CV light box 2

Time for The Ladies last planning meeting on site.

CV ness & sarah

Ness and Sarah (Compton Verney) discuss the finer details.