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Two months today: Compton Verney

August 10, 2009

The postmistress would like to thank those of you who have visited this site since the Ladies returned to England in June for your kind interest in their activities.

We are happy to report that almost two and a half thousand of you have now been following the Ladies activities.

If you would like to attend the Open Salon at Compton Verney on the 10th or 11th October 2009 I am sure the ladies  would be pleased to make your  acquaintance.

The postmistress  would, however,  like to advise  those of you who are intending to join the ladies for the weekend’s activities to arrive as early as possible on the day of your choice and to notify reception staff of your intention to attend the Open Salon upon your arrival.

Further information about this event is currently available in Warwick Words Festival brochures and more details will  be available soon  in next season’s  Compton Verney brochures and on their own website.

We do hope you are enjoying the refreshing rain of this English Summer Season and we look forward to meeting you in the Autumn.