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The Last Post

June 26, 2009

The Ladies will be leaving Can Serrat early in the morning and heading back home. They would like to thank all their loyal lurkers (1,510  to date), if any of you would like to meet The Ladies Salon they will be holding an Open Salon at Compton Verney on the 10th and 11th of October 2009. This will be an event linked to The Artist’s Studio exhibition.

Meanwhile, if you would like to comment on our blog, please do contact the Ladies at

Jo, yoga and Arab Baths

June 26, 2009

Jo was determined to immerse herself in Spain until the last minute – quite literally! So she took an early morning yoga class, with the yoga teacher talking it through in Catalan, of which Jo knows none; this was an extra challenge. She then treated herself to a visit to the stunning Aire de Barcelona,  Arab Baths, located in the Born district of Barcelona. Again no one spoke English, but Jo managed to immerse herself in salt water, jacuzzi, tepid water, hot water and cold water and Hammas……..finished off with a wonderful  massage.

Packing and Reading

June 26, 2009

After returning to Can Serrat in the thunderstorm Julie and Ness looked in on Kristie´s studio in order to view her paintings by daylight.  Ness and Julie then packed their suitcases and continued reading.  Julie was determined to read Jan Morris´, Spain, while the ladies were still in Spain and Ness continued her reading of The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Thunderstorms and piano notes

June 26, 2009

Following their visit to the exhibition at the Town Hall , Julie and Ness stopped in at the café in the street opposite for a farewell toast to El Bruc (with coffee and Fanta!).   Trapped in the café by another sudden thunderstorm they looked at the links to the Piano Room (following Julie’s good news from the UK – Arts Council England funding for The Piano Room).

The Ladies Last Day

June 26, 2009

Ness read her book, ´The Shadow of the Wind´by Carlos Ruiz Zafón while Julie and Lea exchanged poetry workshop ideas.  After lunch Ness and Julie walked up to El Bruc  where they met  Sue-ching who was setting up an exhibition of her work at the Town Hall.  The ladies did not want to miss seeing this exhibition which officially opens to the public tomorrow.

Vegetarian Feast

June 26, 2009









Braving thunder, lightning, hailstorm and local flooding (this happens on average once a year) the residents and staff headed to Esparreguera for a vegetarian supper and endless toasts.

On returning to Can Serrat Julie and Ness were invited to view Kristie´s work before it is shipped to Japan for exhibition.

Public Lecture Programme 7

June 26, 2009









The Ladies shared their work practice with the other residents.

Open Salon at Can Serrat

June 26, 2009








The Ladies spent the morning preparing  for their Open Salon at Can Serrat. 

The Ladies had been expecting four visitors (who had pre´booked their 15 minute slots) however, a queue appeared as people hastily added their names.  Visitors to the Salon included Lea, Kristie, Jonny, Vanessa, Rudi, Celia, Brian and Jody.  As the Ladies dashed from the Open Salon to the venue for their public lecture, via a well deserved cup of tea,  Bard expressed disappointment at missing a slot.

Team Ness (Esparreguera)

June 25, 2009











Regardless of the non competitive element Ness was pleased to see the added frisson created by her team as the tower shook and the crowd collectively took a sharp intake of breath. The Postmistress would like to report that no small children or animals were harmed in the making of Ness´s team´s tower, although the Ladies did spy one supporter using crutches………..

Team Jo (Terrassa)

June 25, 2009











Both teams included male and female castellers, aged between and 5 and 70 years.  Each one had its own back up of supporters, who manned their stalls. The Ladies (actually it was just Jo and Ness) were horrified to view their teams supporting the opposing team at the base of the tower! It was explained to the Ladies – via a lengthy conversation, in Catalan and mime, that this was NOT a competitative event, but a friendly exhibition between local towns.